My Name is Darin:

I grew up Wichita Falls, a small town in north Texas. I’m blessed with the perfect life partner, wonderful, loving parents, a brother, and a sister. I was raised in a Christian home with small town values and morals.

Growing up for me was tough. At the age of two, I sustained an electrical burn on my face that left me scarred for life. This created a very insecure self-conscious young man. Kids would ridicule and even avoid me because it made me look a little different, and God know kids can say just about anything. After several cosmetic surgeries, the scar on my face almost disappeared, but the internal scars remained evident: My confidence was always lacking as a young man. I wasn’t necessarily unpopular in High School, but I just couldn’t bear to be rejected. So a lot of times I missed out on the pretty girls. It seemed they always just wanted to be my friend. Scholastically I was okay. Not brilliant, but I passed. I did great unless I had to perform under pressure - such as tests, which I hated. My mind would just go blank. When I graduated, I decided not to go on to college. Eventually my family moved from Wichita Falls to where else?! Los Angeles… OMG! This was amazing and I was so excited until I saw the city. There’s a big difference in Wichita Falls, Texas and Los Angeles, California. I really didn’t fit in at all and nobody said “Yes, m’am.” We were in LA only a short time, and we then moved to Denver, Colorado. I loved it there, and thought I would live there forever. I took a job with a flooring company in Boulder as a Project Manager. I traveled to resorts and hotels with my crew, and managed the installation to insure that the project was completed on time. I learned a lot working for this company, and was there for three years. Then I got homesick. My parents had moved back to Texas a year earlier, and I was ready to head back home. I ended up in Fort Worth, Texas, where my parents had settled and started a company with my father and brother, very much like the company I had been working at in Boulder. We’ve had great success.

When I moved back to Texas I discovered working out. I found that I could alter my maxed-out 140 pound body with weight training. I started improving my outside appearance and getting very comfortable with the way I looked. I continued to weight train and improve my physique. I became almost obsessed in the gym until I finally reached a level that I was happy with. I gained twenty pounds and looked completely different and I finally discovered myself. I started modeling a few years back and realized that I was pretty good at it. Of course it was awkward at first, but then I realized all of those confidence issues were just going away. I felt comfortable in front of the camera, and walked a completely different walk. It was totally liberating. It allows me to be myself on so many levels.

Now my life is perfect. I have a successful company. I have confidence. I have wonderful friends and family and I have the perfect relationship.

It’s great being me.